Hi! I'm Sophie,

an experienced social scientist.


Are you in need of an experienced social scientist in climate change communications and active citizenship? Keep reading...

I have spent the past 6 years working as an action researcher for inclusive climate action. My aim is to democratise science and decision-making processes for a just transition to net zero. To do this, I offer tools for citizens, young and old, to take a more active role in shaping our collective future, and for researchers and practitioners to better work with communities for mutually beneficial outcomes.

My work has seen me facilitate community-led social change projects, co-create citywide action plans, support citizens to become scientists for sustainable mobility, and empower young people to communicate their climate action messages more effectively. I have a track record for positively impacting the lives, attitudes, and behaviours of the citizens and stakeholders I work with, for securing funding, for developing partnerships across Europe to influence policy change, and for flexing my creative talents as a graphic designer when presenting project findings. I am also an adept public speaker, facilitator, networker, collaborator, and social scientist.

Before this, I worked in communications, journalism, and publishing, and have volunteered my time for Food Cycle, Global Justice Now, Bristol Food Network, The Schumacher Institute and Oxfam.




Social science and social psychology research (data collection, analysis and report writing on worldviews, opinions, beliefs, feelings, values, etc)

Project evaluation of participatory citizen science, public/school outreach and community action projects


Training in community organising and active citizenship

Training in climate change communications

Facilitation of round tables, visioning and action planning

Public speaking on climate communications, active citizenship, community organising and participatory democracy for carbon net neutrality



Creation of SDG and curriculum-linked educational materials

Co-creation of climate action toolkits and practitioners guides

Bid writing

Graphic design



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