From stressed out to stressing less and stressing better

Yoga found me when I was stressed out. I was recovering from a traumatic breakup, failing to cope with a high pressured job and on occasion had panic attacks. My periods had stopped and I saw drugs and alcohol as my pain relief. I was at breaking point.

Having seen the profound affect meditation was having on my dad, I signed up to a 6-week meditation course (perhaps out of desperation) and the rest is history. Meditation opened the door to yoga, and combined they opened the door to my liberation from overthinking, and to my lack of confidence and self-worth. I quit my job to pursue my passions and I started seeing a therapist. By going inwards, to understand my true self, I slowly got to grips with how to live fully, responsibly and healthily.

When you start to feel agitated, irritable, uncomfortable, that is your body telling you to pay attention – and pay attention I did. Now I stress less and can manage stressful situations better. Today, I use these experiences to help my students follow their own path of liberation, offering tools for them to feel and move better long-term.

I am a qualified Hatha (200h) yoga teacher, with specific expertise in teaching those who experience, or have experienced, stress, anxiety and burnout. I teach online, in person and one-to-one. My classes are accessible, combining breath work, meditation, functional movement and relaxation. I offer modifications where possible and can tailor classes according to need. 

Come as you are. Let yoga do the rest.


I am offering tools to help you move and feel better.